About Us

Jean Svizzero, B.S., LMT:

Jean explored a broad base of wholistic thought while attaining her Bachelors Degree in Environmental Health through Lesley University.  Bodymind interactions, energetic theory, aromatherapy, and immune system responsiveness all begged for inclusiveness toward healing our environment through healing the individual first.

  She chose to study at Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, for they insisted that their students learn an energetic system in conjunction with the practice of massage.  Zen Shiatsu
 offered her an energetic model that informed her work, and her life, in ways that she never imagined. It blends stunningly with any modality to ensure a balanced structure for deep transformative work. 

In March of 2017 she began training in MFR (myofascial release) with John Barnes. The first series of seminars exceeded her expectations and she is continuing her training and enjoying how it has enhanced her practice. 

Jean has lived in Brookline Village for over thirty years and raised her daughter here. Travels have taken them across the country and overseas, yet they have always cherished coming back home.  Bodily Kneads came to Jean at a time of crucial life change and she is grateful to be able to offer what she loves here in the community that has been home for so long


Chantel R. Bouchard, LMT

Chantel is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Cortiva Institute in 2016. Most recently, Chantel has embarked upon developing her expertise in oncology massage. It is in integratng dis-ease as a part of life that Chantel is truly gifted in bringing wholeness to the individual as they journey through this particular difficulty.

She has a unique style that integrates a variety of modalities for everyday nuances including Swedish, myofascial, trigger point, hot  stone and stretching.

Feelings of painting, rhythm, and sculpture are present with Chantel when working with her clients. This comes from her experiences with art and music which have woven throughout her life to bring her first to motherhood and then to the healing arts. 

During her time outside of the studio, Chantel finds herself enjoying family, art, yoga, meditation, nature.



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