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About Us

 To create something new, to grow, takes a certain amount of stress. Stress has it’s purpose, yet respite is necessary for optimal function.  Massage offers you immediacy in results. The light in the eye is generally brighter, your bearing is more at ease and you just plain feel bette

Together we will create:

  • A customized session that meets your needs
  • A deepened state of relaxation so the body can release tension and be more at ease
  • More balance in your energetic integrity to support physiological function and  organ systems
  • Awareness of compensating patterns that may have resulted from past injuries
  • A place of acceptance and or recognition in regard to what is occuring in your life
Passive stretches help release muscle contraction without setting up an antagonist/protagonist relationship within the body. That's part of what makes massage so effectively utilized. Know to have that shoulder stretch without lifting a finger, to have that neck rub indulged. Imagine the ability to relax into moments of being with perfect harmony. Just imagine how good that would feel right…about …now.

You will come away with-
  • A greater sense of well being
  • More resiliency in body/mind.
  • A deeper acceptance of what is and ease in traversing through it.
  • More balanced immune function
  • Aahhhhhhh………. Relief.

Jean Svizzero, B.S., LMT:

Jean embarked upon her career in bodywork while searching for the umbrella to hold the spokes of varied interests. Bodymind explorations, energetic theory, aromatherapy, healthy immune responsiveness and human interaction all begged for inclusiveness. Once she realized that massage encompassed all these venues, the aha moment was upon her. Having received a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Health through Lesley University, she has a broad base of wholistic thought but still needed a creative outlet.  Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork, offered the congruency she had been looking for. Learning Zen Shiatsu in conjunction with therapeutic massage offered her an energetic system  that she could, and has, become proficient in and it informs her work, and her life, in ways never imagined. 

Jean has lived in Brookline Village for over thirty years and raised her daughter here. Travels have taken them across the country and overseas, yet they have always cherished coming back home.  Bodily Kneads came to Jean at a time of crucial life change and she is grateful to be able to offer what she loves here in the community that has been home for so long. In 2012 she co-founded Wellness in the Village, a local collaborative of practitioners, healers and teachers intent on offering health and wellness options to Brookline and surrounding areas.

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