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Modality Descriptions

Myofascial Release 
 Fascia is the substance that holds it all together. Cellular memory, muscle tone, pain patterns, organ integrity, postural alignment, and even your nervous system are all impacted by the condition of your fascia. It is fluid and expansive in nature and stiff with tension when compromised. Releasing torques of fascial tension can alleviate pain and dysfunction at a level that is beyond the reach of traditional massage techniques

Therapeutic Massage

This is what people think of most when they hear the word massage. The table cleanly draped, the softly lit room, soothing music, and aromatic oils.This is all part of the treatment, to create a safe and comfortable environment for the client to begin to disengage from the stresses of the day, heal more thoroughly from injury, release muscular contraction or emotional overload that has been needing to slough off.
Each session builds upon the other when consistently utilized. Aromatherapy can be incorporated to deepen the efficacy of the session. 

Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is an ancient form of massage from Japan. It works with the energetic meridian system that informs, balances and communicates with the physiological, structural and emotional aspects of being. The simplicity of the treatment allows it to be a non-invasive modality with subtle yet deep potential for healing. A session generally takes place upon a futon on the floor with the client dressed in loose clothing. This allows for comfort during stretches and rotations which may be part of a treatment. The practitioner will use techniques depending upon what the needs of the client are.             

Prenatal Shiatsu

Each trimester of pregnancy offers different challenges. The personal growth that comes with bringing life into the world coupled with physiological changes and with hormonal fluctuations can make a very happy and promising time seem confusing. At the very least, shiatsu can help restore equilibrium, nurturing new growth and giving it room to flourish.

Manual Lymph Drainage

If you want to detox, this is the modality for you. Utilizing the softest touch, your lymph is encouraged to flow into the nodes. It can then traverse to the kidneys for excretion. Node 'pumping' included. Expect to feel lighter. Expect to have your system cleansed in a safe and relaxing fashion. Expect to pee copiously afterwards and be encouraged to drink water.

Massage with Hot Stones

Ancient native tradition call the stones Inyan Oyate. They are the holders of memory. who we are, wisdom of the ancestors. This is the mystical aspect that Hot Stone work brings into play. On the practical level, it is warm and soothing., allowing the body to sink into comfort while enhancing circulation and releasing muscle tension.

Massage with Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

Essential oils are created directly from interaction with the sun's natural light. This is the essence of the plant medicine and comes into play when aromatherapy is used in the context of massage. Physiologically balancing, spiritually uplifting, and comforting, these oils take massage to the level of soul in subtle yet profound ways. 


Morning sessions are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Afternoon and early evening options are available Tuesday through Friday.
We are open primarily by appointment.
(617) 686-5762
3 linden Street
Brookline, MA

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