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Bodily Kneads

Bodily Kneads is a healing arts bodywork studio that has been serving the community of Brookline since August 2010.
 It is a small venture with a big heart for community and the individuals therein.

Together we will create:

-A customized session that meets your needs
-A deepened state of relaxation so the body can release tension and be  more at ease
-More balance in your energetic system to support physiological  integrity and organ function
-Awareness of compensating patterns that may have resulted from past  injuries
-A place to just BE with what is occuring in your life

 Familiar lines of movement can often embrace compensating patterns from injuries or underlying tensions behind repetitive motion.
Enter into a space being curious to feel more fluid and relax into the territory of sensation.
Myofascial release can help contracted muscles elongate themselves without setting up an antagonist/protagonist relationship within the body. That's part of what makes this modality so wonderfully effective. Meridian balancing from the Zen Shiatsu approach will bring physiological balance within to alleviate stress and aromatherapy can support and integrate the experience systemically. 

Incorporating techniques such as rebounding and unwinding allows the body to spontaneously move beyond limitations of tensions long held. 

You have options. 
Come and explore them in a safe therapeutic environment. 

You will come away with:

-A greater sense of well being 
-More resiliency in body/mind.
-A deeper acceptance of what is, which results in more ease.
-More balanced immune function
-Aahhhhhhh………. Relief.


Morning sessions are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays offer afternoon and early evening options.
We are open primarily by appointment.
(617) 686-5762

Bodily Kneads is located at
3 Linden Street
(When googling directions search for 2 Linden Street, we are in the same building)
Brookline, MA 02445 

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